Open positions

Professionals of the bioforest industry are needed in the development, manufacture, sales, and marketing of wood-fiber based products. This page is constantly updated with open positions in the industry. You can use it for active job search or for simply keeping up with the development of the industry.

The openings below are updated through a third-party service provider, and the Association is not liable for the contents of the job announcements or the reliability of the employers listed. If you think that a relevant opening might be missing from the list, please contact us!

Other positions:

11.10.2018 Prosessi-insinööri, Walki Oy, 68600 - Pietarsaari

10.10.2018 PROCESSINGENJÖR, Walki Oy, Pietarsaari

10.10.2018 PROSESSI-INSINÖÖRI, Walki Oy, Pietarsaari

5.10.2018 Toimitusjohtaja, Oplax Oy / InHunt Group Oy, Oulu

5.10.2018 Käyttöinsinööri, UPM-Kymmene Oyj, Lappeenranta

5.10.2018 Electric Drive Specialist, Protacon Group Oy, Espoo

4.10.2018 Tuotantopäällikkö, Makron Oy / InHunt Group Oy, Hollola

4.10.2018 Viimeistelijä, Valmet Oyj, Juankoski

3.10.2018 Tuotepäällikkö, Kouvola, Lead Henkilöstöratkaisut, Kouvola

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