Graduation with distinction scholarship

The Graduation with Distinction Scholarship is an award granted to students who have graduated from university or university of applied sciences with excellent grades.

The Graduation with Distinction Scholarship is granted to students having graduated with distinction from university or university of applied sciences. Graduation with distinction is defined according to the criteria provided by Aalto University: the weighted average of course grades according to ECTS must be at a minimum of 4 (including both Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses, but excluding the thesis), and the grade of the thesis must be 4 or 5.

The amount of the Scholarships for applied university students is 3000 euros and for university students that have carried out both the Bachelor's and Master's degree is 5000 euros, and it is applied retrospectively in the spring following your graduation. The Scholarship may be granted to several applicants, but the total amount of yearly scholarships can be limited. It is given out in the spring at the Annual General Meeting. The application closes on 15 March.

Note: If you receive the school's recognition award, you cannot also receive the Graduation with Distinction Scholarship. 


Please provide the following appendices with your application:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Account of other grants or scholarships applied and received
  • Certified transcript of records (including course grades, the grade average, and credit units) both for Master's and Batchelor's degree.
  • The summary, the statement and grade of the thesis


PI:n stipendirekisteriseloste / PI's scholarships' register description and privacy policy 

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