Paper Profile – tekemässä vastuullisuutta läpinäkyväksi


We find the Paper Profile -document to be an excellent way of sharing information about our paperboards and the sustainability aspects of these. Our annually revised and externally verified Paper Profile documents are also much appreciated by our customers as being very informative and as also enabling a follow-up of our products ’main environmental features’ development.  - Anne Uusitalo, former Sustainability Manager in Metsä Board Corporation

Paper Profile is a uniform declaration and a registered trademark in many countries around the world for presenting key environmental product information. The scope of the reported information is the pulp and paper production including also e.g. product composition and emissions. In addition, this voluntary-based declaration includes information about environmental aspects of wood procurement and environmental management systems.

The uniform declaration has been developed in co-operation with distributors and industry associations, leading pulp and paper manufacturers. The paper manufactures that participate in Paper Profile are committed to minimising their environmental impact. The aim of the Paper Profile concept is to allow paper producers to openly present environmental information of their products in this standardised uniform way. Paper Profiles also enables the professional paper buyer to make well informed product choices.

Lenzing Papier is a member of Paper Profile because it is a strong communication platform to show the world that recycled paper is a sound ecological product.
- Gregor Pamminger, Quality Manager, Lenzing Papier GmbH, Chairman of Paper Profile

Currently there are 18 major paper industry companies in Europe, which are guiding the initiative through the Paper Profile Steering Committee. Forest Products Engineers, acts as a secretariat of Paper Profile.

It has been inspiring to work with such a group of international sustainability experts. No matter if we have met physically or digitally, the 18-person group has collaborated successfully together to improve the visibility of forest products' sustainability.  - Natalia Musina, Project Manager, Forest Products Engineers, Paper Profile Secretary

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