PI-FinnCERES webinar: Skills and talents for the future bioeconomy

Hear the pitches of the brightest young Finnish researchers!

Warmly welcome to our webinar "Skills and talents for the future bioeconomy" jointly organized by FinnCERES and the Finnish Forest Products Engineers’ Association - PI. You will have the opportunity to hear the pitch presentations of the Finnish candidates in the Marcus Wallenberg Young Researcher Challenge. 

Webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, October 24th from 14.45 - 16.00 EET.


14:45 - 16:00   

  • KEYNOTE: Upskilling for sustainable Europe, Tiina Nypelö, Aalto University
  • PITCH PRESENTATIONS by the Marcus Wallenberg Prize Event Young Researcher Challenge candidates

    Advancements in three-dimentional (3D) forming of fiber-based materials using thermoforming process, Sanaz Afshariantorghabeh, LUT University  

    Overcoming manufacturing challenges of biobased nanofilms, Hamidreza Ahadian, VTT

    Simulating the impacts of climate change and forest disturbances on forest ecosystem services and resilience, Katharina Albrich, Natural Resources Institute Finland, LUKE 

    Unlocking the unique, climatic, and physiological signal from hydrogen isotopes in trees, Charlotte Angove, Natural Resources Institute Finland, LUKE  

    Controlling lignin structure during biomass processing to obtain highperformance bio-based materials, Stefania Bertella, VTT 

    AI-guided biorefinery optimization for the targeted production of lignin carbohydrate complexes with tunable properties, Daryna Diment, Aalto University 

    Wood hemicellulose derivatives with tailored surface activity towards aqueous dispersion coating, Minette Kvikant, Åbo Akademi University 

    Bio-waxes used as a barrier formulation material in coating fibre-based substrates. Bio-waxes used as a barrier formulation material in coating fibre-based substrates, Sai LiHelsinki University

    Water vapour sorption behaviour of wood under load, Mikko Valkonen, Aalto University  

    Sustainable, low-cost route to cellulose nanocrystals by electrochemical oxidation, Neptun Yousefi, Aalto University  

    Highly graphitized lignin-derived carbon with hierarchical N/O co-doping “coreshell” superstructure for advanced supercapacitor performance, Ha Zhang, Åbo Akademi University  

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24.10.2023 14:45 – 24.10.2023 16:00