PI, Jaakko Pöyry säätiö, LUKE ja VTT kutsuvat nuoret tutkijat (tohtoriopiskelijat ja postdocit) hakemaan mukaan Wallenberg Young Researchers' Challenge 2022 -tapahtumaan, joka järjestetään Marcus Wallenberg Prize -palkinnonjakotilaisuuden yhteydessä Tukholmassa lokakuussa 2022.

Wallenberg Young Researchers' Challenge 2022

Along with a unique chance to present your research to leading scientists and representatives of the forest-based industry from all over the world, you will also be given extensive opportunities to network with your fellow young researchers active in areas of interest to the forest-based sector.

We invite researchers no older than 35 years, post docs or PhD students, based in Finland, to participate. Please send an abstract to info@puunjalostusinsinoorit.fi. Please use the abstract template. Your contribution should not exceed 200 words. Describe your research and why you think it will have an impact on the forest-based industry and society as whole.

Apply now and take the chance to be a part of the Wallenberg Young Researchers' Challenge 2022!

Please find more information attached:

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