Sneak peek of ForestBioFacts at the FBI day


We had a dynamic start for this year at Forest Based Industries (FBI) day. The day began with three professional presentations related to climate change and forest products industry's role and possibilities in it. The afternoon culminated in the joyful ForestBioFacts Challenge 2020 offering an entertaining sneak peek to the content and functionality of the digital learning environment. In the lighthearted gameshow, students and professionals competed for sustainability and fibre products domination. Skillful student team won the tight competition with the help of ForestBioFacts.

The digital learning environment seemed useful in the students' and professionals' eyes:

“My first impression of ForestBioFacts was that the learning environment seems to be very large and really includes everything you need to know. I want to give extra credit from the dictionary! It will for sure help to translate professional terminology. The competition itself was fun!
-The student team member, Mika Petäjäjärvi (Process Engineering student, University of Oulu)

Great to see how the digital learning environment can help when searching data quickly! It was also comforting that there is a need for expertise also. My impression was that ForestBioFacts is easy to use and the appearance was professional. I like the fact that different type of media is utilized, video etc. Being an editor of Bio-based nanomaterials theme has been very interesting to but also demanding from the time and content management perspective. Looking forward to the big launch of the ForestBioFacts digital environment and seeing it in action!” -The professionals' team member and editor of Bio-based nanomaterials, Heli Kangas (Technology Manager, VTT)

And not only the contestants had fun with ForestBioFacts but also the audience:

“I liked ForestBioFacts Challenge in FBI-day. It was very illustrative and fun way to tell what ForestBioFacts is and how it works. Challenge made me really intrested and I hope I can use ForestBioFacts in my studies.” -Lotta Pirinen (Bioproduct engineering student, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences)

The content production is on going and the pace only accelerates: Hundreds of articles, pictures and dictionary terms have alreay been placed into the digital learning environment. There is definitely no doubt that ForestBioFacts would not contain everything you need to know about forest-based products and technologies.

Usability tests will be done in February and March to make ForestBioFacts even better and in then the beginning of May the ForestBioFacts is ready to rumble.

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