The Association’s operations are led by the Board, the members of which are appointed for one year at a time. The Board members represent the members of the Association equitably, while representing and speaking on behalf of every member.

Board 2023-2024

Katja Metsäranta, Stora Enso, Chair *

Pia Nilsson, UPM, Vice chair *

Mats Berg, Kemira *

Antti Lindqvist,  PI *

Atte Virtanen, VTT

Pirita Mikkanen, Metsä Group

Pekka Moisio, Valmet

Jari Nikkinen, Sappi

Lauri Pehu-Lehtonen, Andrtitz

Emilia Hiltunen, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Young member

Kalle Rasinmäki, AFRY

Mari Taipale, CH-Bioforce

Heli Kankare, PI, Secretary

*) Member of the internal working committee of the Board 

If you have ideas or comments about our operations, please contact any of the Board members, the President, or the office staff!