Yearbook of PI

The contact information of over 2,600 professionals and over 45 corporations in the bioforest industry in a practical electronic and print format. The yearbook helps you to find new contacts as well as to reconnect with former fellow students.

Yearbook of over 2,600 professionals

All members of Forest Product Engineers receive both the electronic version and the printed version of the register, given out every two years, as a membership benefit. The register of members holds the information of over 2,600 professionals in the industry. The electronic register on the members’ site allows you to search information by name, company, and university.

Please remember to keep your membership information up to date! You can update your information and picture at any time with the form on the members’ site. (NB! Requires sign-in!) You can also send your updated information to PI's office via mail or email.

The updated printed Yearbook will be published by during Spring 2020.


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