Member directory of PI

The contact information of 2600 professionals in the bioforest industry in a practical electronic format. The Member directory helps you to find new contacts as well as to reconnect with former fellow students.

Member directory of 2 600 professionals

All members of Finnish Forest Product Engineers' Association have access to the electronic member directory. The member directory holds the information of 2600 professionals in the industry. The electronic register on the members’ site allows you to search information by name or company. With the help of the Member directory you can easily contact your old student friends and colleagues as well as look for contant details of possible collaboration partners.

Please remember to keep your membership information up to date! 

You can conveniently review and edit your information on the member pages at
Log in with an email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can easily order a new one on the same page. If you need help, contact PI's office info(a)

Please remember to click the  “Save Changes>>”- link at the bottom of the form. 
NB! the updated information may appear in the electronic registration with a delay of one day.

The last printed yearbook was published during Spring 2020. With the new mobile app, the printed yearbook will no longer be published. In future, the data will only be found in the electronic member directory, where you can continually update your information.


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