Renewable Raw Material

Wood-based renewable raw material is a good platform for a responsible society. Over 20% of Finland’s export revenue comes from products in this industry, and the field employs directly and indirectly some 150,000 people in Finland.

The world needs new solutions made from renewable, wood-based raw materials.

The role of the bioforest industry in the bio and circular economy is already significant and it grows constantly. Several megatrends support the development of the industry and the movement to a more sustainable bio economy. In the future, many products that are now based on fossil raw materials can be replaced entirely or partially with wood-based products. Examples of next-generation, sustainable bio products include wood composite, micro-fibrillated cellulose, nanocellulose, wood-based diesel fuels, intelligent packages and paper, and new solutions in wood construction. Already today, wood can be used to manufacture many consumer products, such as wood-based plastic bags, arts and crafts materials, and yarn for the textile industry.

In the future, pulp factories will be bio product factories that make efficient use of the side flows in production processes and that produce significant amounts of sustainable energy. The range of products manufactured in such factories will expand and become more highly processed, such as bio chemicals and lignin products.

The forest industry cluster is in a stage of strong renewal. In 2009–2015, the total investments in the forest cluster in Finland was EUR 4.7 billion, and the total costs of research and development work in 2009–2014 almost EUR 590 million.

There is plenty of work in renewable wood-based raw materials both now and in the future, and there is a constant need for new professionals in the field.