For Companies

Corporations benefit from the work that Finnish Forest Product Engineers' Association does for industry companies, professionals, and current and future students. We speak out on issues related to industry education and training, we inspire new students to enter the field, we look out for the development of companies’ personnel, and we give opportunities for corporate members to have their voices heard in our activities.

The Association works for the benefit of all actors in the bioforest industry and in order to ensure that the industry has a sufficient amount of competent workers. Our corporate members represent the entire field of the bioforest industry, from large forestry corporations, consulting firms, and equipment and chemical suppliers to small start-up entrepreneurs.


Benefits for corporate members

Influence and visibility that supports the corporate image

  • Influencing professionals and current and future students in the field
  • Influencing and networking in the Association’s committees
  • Support for recruitment of new workers
  • A member discount for exhibitors in the annual Forest Based Industries (FBI) day for students
  • Announcing open positions at the Association’s website (provided that the position is announced in certain public websites)
  • Monitoring and influencing training and the development of competence needs of new workforce through the Association
  • Opportunities for cooperation in the form of breakfast functions or other events or projects
  • Visibility at the Association’s website, social media, the Puunvuoro (former Paperi ja Puu) magazine, and events


The development and networking of personnel

  • E-book license to the Papermaking Science & Technology with a member discount
  • Association seminars tackling current issues in the industry
  • One free annual participation to the spring or fall seminar 


Extensive contacts and international networks

  • Contacts with Finnish and international associations, corporations, and universities
  • Approaching new market areas with the help of the Association’s contacts
  • Opportunities to cooperate via PulPaper 2021, the largest and most established industry event in Northern Europe


Welcome to a growing network of corporations and professionals in the forest industry!

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