Finnish Forest Products Engineers' Association: a network for professionals and corporations in the forest industry

Professionals and corporations in the forest industry build a responsible, wood-based society, making use of the most recent technologies. Our expanding network includes 2,700 professionals with university degrees and about 50 corporate members. Our work aims to develop wood processing competence, attract more interest to the industry, and function as an international forerunner.

Network of Professionals in the forest Industry

Finnish Forest Product Engineers' Association is a network for professionals and corporations in the forest industry. Renewable wood-based raw materials can be used in more and more versatile ways in the society. When new technologies and products are developed, technical competence plays a key role. In addition to competence in wood processing, we need competence in chemical engineering and energy technology in order to find new solutions. Since, in theory, we can make all the same products with wood than with oil, we constantly need new competence, without losing sight of the commercial perspective. Most of our members have university-level degrees in technology, bur our operations are open to all professionals in the forest industry.

The Association combines the competence and perspectives of professionals and corporations in the forest industry in a unique manner. We also work actively with universities and other industry networks both in Finland and abroad. Our emphasis lies on inspiring young people to seek careers in the forest industry and on developing the competence of today’s professionals. We connect students with industry professionals already during their studies, we provide scholarships and mentoring, and we help students to find (summer) jobs. In the future, we offer more opportunities for young professionals to understand the perspectives of industry corporations. In order to support professionals’ competence and networking, we organize two seminar days every year. In addition, we offer spare-time activities for members of all ages. With PI, your competence will develop and your perspectives will expand throughout your career.

An Internationally Esteemed Forerunner

The Association has good international contacts with industry operators and with sister associations. The Association promotes the internationalization of its member companies – irrespective of size or age – through partnership in conferences and trade fairs. Finnish engineering is valued globally. Our aim is to function as an internationally esteemed forerunner, bringing forward the competence in Finland and the significance of the industry (the paper, pulp, and cardboard business covers over 20% of Finland’s export revenues and directly employs 65,000 people in Finland).

Our network is at your disposal when you make new international partnerships.


Nothing is Impossible for Engineers

The Association was founded by the initiative of engineers Stenbäck and Lampén on 12 April 1914 at the Helsinki Stock Exchange Building as a comradely club of professionals. The members were joined by a strong belief in the industry and an enthusiasm for technology. The 100-year history of the Association was celebrated at the Helsinki Musiikkitalo in 2014 with 1,000 members and members’ spouses. Today, our members are also motivated by the responsible use of renewable natural resources and the innovation of new processed products. Whether it is wood-based textile, composite, or pharmaceutical technologies or the more traditional, constantly developing pulp and paper technology, we can build a significantly more responsible society with the help of wood processing professionals!