Mentoring provides an opportunity for an exchange of ideas between professionals at different stages of their careers and a possibility for mentors to get acquainted with the world of today’s students in the field. Mentoring is a learning process that benefits both mentors and students.

The mentoring program 2024

The programme will become truly more nationwide and broader in scope. The aim is to engage participants (actors/mentors) from all across Finland. 

Application period: Application period for mentees has ended. You are welcome to apply for our next program in autum. Apply to become a mentor by sending a message to: or

Kick-off: 2-3/2024 

Kickoff meetings in different locations, for students and recent graduates in the respective areas:

16th March: Oulu
23rd February: Tampere
1st March: Espoo
6th March: Lappeenranta
7th March: Savonlinna
21st March: Turku

These kickoff meetings are held as part of the Pulp & Breakfast events. Please see more and register from the Events -page.

Midpoint meeting: 29.5.2024 at 16.30-17.30

Pair meetings: approxmately every 4-6 weeks, for about 2 hours at a time. Meetings can also be conducted entirely virtually. Interactions between different mentor pairs are also possible. The program is paused in summer. 

Final meeting: The meeting will be held on October 31st in Tampere. More information about the venue and schedule will be provided closer to the event.


Mentoring will be implemented in 2024 in such a way that in each location, there will be separate kick-off meetings, and efforts will be made to match mentor pairs so that the mentor is located near the mentee's school location or is an alumni of the school. An interim meeting in May will be held in the metropolitan area, and the final meeting in November-December will alternate between different locations.


What is mentoring?

• Open and confidential, private relationship which aims to career development

• Guidance and support from a more experienced colleague to a person interested and able to develop him-/herself (at the beginning of his/her career)

• Mentor is a coach, who’s sharing his/her own experiences but doesn’t give direct answers


Examples  of the discussion topics

• How to finish studies, masters thesis work

• Job hunting, getting employed

• Career goals & possibilities, career planning

• Networking

• Working life

 –Adjusting to the working community


 –Requirements of working life

• Internationality

• How to combine work (study) life and free time / family life

• Self-knowledge

 –Setting targets and achieving them

 –Personality tests

• Self-improvement

 –Further education, learning at work


Experiences from the previous mentoring project:

“It was great to talk with the mentor and hear their opinions on the field, the career, and work.”

“The mentoring project developed my confidence and I believe that it helped me to get a job that really suits me at the moment.”

“Having interesting conversations and thinking about different issues also helped me to realize new aspects of my own career.”



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