Mentoring provides an opportunity for an exchange of ideas between professionals at different stages of their careers and a possibility for mentors to get acquainted with the world of today’s students in the field. Mentoring is a learning process that benefits both mentors and students.

The mentoring program is being renewed!

The programme will become truly more nationwide and broader in scope. The aim is to engage participants (actors/mentors) from all across Finland. 

Application period: Fall 2023

Duration: 2/2024 - 12/2024

Kick-off: 2/2024 TBD

Midpoint meeting: 5/2024

Pair meetings: approxmately every 4-6 weeks, for about 2 hours at a time. Meetings can also be conducted entirely virtually. Interactions between different mentor pairs are also possible. The program is paused in summer. 

Final meeting: 12/2024


Application for mentees is open until 31.10.


Experiences from the previous mentoring project:

“It was great to talk with the mentor and hear their opinions on the field, the career, and work.”

“The mentoring project developed my confidence and I believe that it helped me to get a job that really suits me at the moment.”

“Having interesting conversations and thinking about different issues also helped me to realize new aspects of my own career.”

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