Every year, PI grants scholarships and awards for a total value of some 100 000 € for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies, internationalization, and entrepreneurship. The scholarships and awards are applied twice a year, in October and March.

The scholarships granted in the spring support the Association’s student members in their studies of chemical wood processing and promote their internationalization. In the fall, the scholarships are targeted at post-graduate students working in Finland or abroad to support their research and competence development as well as at entrepreneurs. Every year, the Association also gives out awards for outstanding theses and dissertations.

Scholarships, grants and awards are granted for PI members only.

in Spring,
apply by 
15 March!

in Autumn,
apply by
15 October!

Scholarships and grants

  Purpose Application closes Amount
PI PostDoc Scholarship Post-doc research 15 October max 50 000 €
Research Grant Post-graduate studies (i.e. doctoral studies) 15 October max. 5 000 € / applicant
Student Scholarship Undergraduate and graduate studies (i.e. B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies) 15 March max. 10 000 € / applicant
Commencing Entrepreneur Scholarship For entrepreneurs having started their own business 15 October Max 15 000 €


  Criteria Application closes Amount
Niilo Ryti Award Granted for an outstanding dissertation on paper technology completed at the Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering. Granted a maximum of once per year.   5 000 €
C. J. Jansson prize Awarded for an outstanding technical-scientific article related to the field. The prize is awarded on the basis of proposals received by the Association. 15 March 2 000 €
Johan Gullichsen award Granted for an outstanding presentation held at the Johan Gullichsen colloquium.   2 000 €
Graduation with Distinction Scholarship Granted to students having graduated with distinction from university or university of applied sciences (weighted average according to ECTS at a minimum of 4 and grade of thesis 4 or 5). NB! Both Bachelor’s and Master’s level grades are taken into account. 15 March Max.
5 000 €
Andritz Oy Award Granted for an outstanding thesis related to fiber production or modification. The award may be divided between two or more recipients. 15 March 3 000 €
Valmet Sustainable Pulping Award

Granted for an outstanding thesis related to chemical and mechanical pulping, side streams and recovery processes of pulping, Wood-based textile processes, Wood-based micro and nanocellulose processes or Practical applications of the previous. The award may be divided among two or more recipients.

15 October 5 000 €



Medals and Honorary Membership

  Criteria Awarding
Honorary Membership Awarded for outstanding work on behalf of the industry. Awarded at the Annual Meeting
Lampén Medal Awarded for outstanding and wide-ranging technical and scientific work carried out in the Association’s field. Awarded at the Annual General Meeting
Association Plaquette of Merit Awarded for outstanding work in carried out in the Association’s field. Awarded at the Fall Meeting (NB! If the Lampén Medal is not awarded, the Association Plaquette of Merit may also be awarded at the Annual General Meeting.)
Stenbäck Plaquette Awarded in recognition of outstanding work done on behalf of the association Awarded at the Fall Meeting


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