Papermaking Science and Technology Bookseries

World’s most comprehensive book series on the bioforest industry

The Papermaking Science and Technology book series features 20 volumes that cover the entire paper manufacturing process from wood raw material to end product. The series is an excellent textbook resource for universities and an ideal reference guide for the industry. 

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Papermaking Science and Technology series includes following books:

  • Volume 1, Economics of the Pulp and Paper Industry (2007, edited by Magnus Diesen)
  • Volume 2, Forest Resources and Sustainable Management (2009, edited by Seppo Kellomäki)
  • Volume 3, Forest Products Chemistry (2000, edited by Per Stenius)
  • Volume 4, Papermaking Chemistry (2007, edited by Raimo Alén)
  • Volume 5, Mechanical Pulping (2009, edited by Bruno Lönnberg)
  • Volume 6 (Part 1), Chemical Pulping Part 1, Fibre Chemistry and Technology (2011, edited by Pedro Fardim)
  • Volume 6 (Part 2), Chemical Pulping Part 2, Recovery of Chemicals and Energy (2008, edited by Panu Tikka)
  • Volume 7, Recycled Fibre and Deinking (2010, edited by Ulrich Höke and Samuel Schabel)
  • Volume 8, Papermaking Part 1, Stock Preparation and Wet End (2008, edited by Hannu Paulapuro)
  • Volume 9, Papermaking Part 2, Drying (2010, edited by Markku Karlsson)
  • Volume 10, Papermaking Part 3, Finishing (2010, edited by Pentti Rautiainen)
  • Volume 11, Pigment Coating and Surface Sizing of Paper (2009, edited by Jouni Paltakari)
  • Volume 12, Paper and Paperboard Converting (2008, edited by Jurkka Kuusipalo)
  • Volume 13, Print Media - Principles, Processes and Quality (2009, edited by Pirkko Oittinen and Hannu Saarelma)
  • Volume 14, Process and Maintenance Management (2009, edited by Kauko Leiviskä)
  • Volume 15, Materials, Corrosion Prevention and Maintenance (1999, edited by Jari Aromaa and Anja Klarin)
  • Volume 16, Paper Physics (2008, edited by Kaarlo Niskanen)
  • Volume 17, Pulp and Paper Testing (1999, edited by Jan-Erik Levlin and Liva Söderhjelm)
  • Volume 18, Paper and Board Grades (2000, edited by Hannu Paulapuro)
  • Volume 19, Environmental Management and Control (2008, edited by Olli Dahl)
  • Volume 20, Biorefining of Forest Resources (2011, edited by Raimo Alén)