Membership benefits and fees

PI supports the students, professionals and companies in the bioforest industry versatily. The members benefit from the large network, developing the knowledge and the skills and the support for the studies and carees for example in the form of scholarships and events. The company members get visibility and can develop their employees and network internationally.

Individual member benefits

Large network and multiple contacts

  • You can network and change your views about the indutsry in the PI's event with people coming from several companies
  • You can utilize the contact details of the 2600 members in the PI's Yearbook. 

Developing the skills and knowledge

  • You get a discounted price for the topical PI's seminars
  • You get -30 % of the Papermaking Science & Technology -book series
  • You get the Paperi ja Puu -journal for free

Support for the career

  • Reduced price for the PI's seminars and other events
  • Open positions in the bioforest industry on the webpages
  • Media monitoring on the webpage
  • Networking with the professionals in both the PI's seminars as well asin PI's spare time events
  • PI's international contacts in abroad as well as in the PulPaper 2018, Norhern Europest biggest exhibition taking place in Finland
  • Scholarship for starting entrepreneurs

Support for the studies

  • PI gives scholarships and awards for 100 000€ per year for international studies and traineeships as well as for doctoral studies and for studies done with distinction
  • You have the possibility for an personal mentor
  • International traineeship positions
  • FBI, Forest Based Industries, recruiting day to find a summer job and continuously open positions in the bioforest industry on the website

Welcome to join the growing network for bioforest industry professionals and companies!

Individual membership fees

  • Annual members: 89 €/year
    • Paperi ja Puu -journal delivered in Finland is included. Post delivery to abroad costs 44 euros per year.
  • Annual members with a family discount: 35 €/year
    • Couple living in the same apartment has the right to a family discount. It means that one person gets a reduced price and only one Paperi ja Puu -journal will be delivered.
  • Recently graduated annual members: 65 €/year
    • Reduced membership fee is valid after five year of graduation
  • Student members: 21 €/year
    • The student membership is valid for the B.Sc. and M.Sc. students.  
  • Retired members: voluntarily membership fee of 44 €/year
    • Paperi ja Puu -magazine 55 € (incl. VAT 10 %) (normal price 100 €)


Membership term is 1.5.-30.4.


Benefits for the companies

  • Possibility to affect and get visibility supporting the company image
  • Developing the skills and knowledge of the employees
  • Large network and contacts also internationally
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Company member fees


Annual turnover, M€

Membership fee, €

1 < 1 500
2 1 - 10 1 005
3 10 - 20 3 548
4 20 - 100 5 909
5 100 - 500 8 277
6 500 - 2 500 15 251
7 > 2 500 26 793

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