Volume 16 - Paper Physics

Volume 16 
Paper Physics

Edited by Niskanen Kaarlo

This textbook deals with the structure and fundamental physical properties of paper and board. As a decade has passed since the first edition was published, this second edition contains in many places significant updates of current understanding. In addition to new contents, the whole book has been restructured. The new chapters should form a more logical sequence where each chapter uses concepts and information presented in the preceding chapters.

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Updated Second Edition (2008)
ISBN 978-952-5216-29-5


BOOK - Vol 16, Paper Physics
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PDF Chapters:

Vol 16/Ch 1 - Paper Structure22,20€
Vol 16/Ch 2 - Fibres and bonds22,20€
Vol 16/Ch 3 - Paper Surface and thermal,electrical and friction characteristics22,20€
Vol 16/Ch 4 - Paper Optics22,20€
Vol 16/Ch 5 - In-plane tensile properties22,20€
Vol 16/Ch 6 - Structural mechanics of paper and board22,20€
Vol 16/Ch 7 - Moisture and fluid transport22,20€
Vol 16/Ch 8 - Rheology22,20€
Vol 16/Ch 9 - Dimensional Stability22,20€


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