Volume 20 -Biorefining of Forest Resources

Volume 20
Biorefining of Forest Resources

Edited by Raimo Alén

Much interest has been directed to the versatile possibilities of using wood and forestry residues as well as other forms of biomass, such as annual crops and agricultural residues, for the production of liquid, gaseous and solid fuels together with various chemicals. The basic intention of this book was to present in a reader-friendly way a comprehensive approach dealing with all the important areas related to modern chemistry and technology of various wood(biomass)-utilizing processes.

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First Edition (2011)
ISBN 978-952-5216-39-4


BOOK -Vol 20. Biorefining of Forest Resources
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PDF Chapters:

Vol 20/Ch 1 - Structure and Chemical Composition of Biomass Feedstocks22,20€
Vol 20/Ch 2 - Principles of Biorefining22,20€
Vol 20/Ch 3 - Raw Material Resources22,20€
Vol 20/Ch 4 - Forest Biorefineries - A Serious Global Business Opportunity22,20€
Vol 20/Ch 5 - Utilisation of Solid Wood-Based Materials22,20€
Vol 20/Ch 6 - Extraction and Utilisation of Non-Structural Wood and Bark Components22,20€
Vol 20/Ch 7 - Biochemical and Chemical Conversion of Forest Biomass22,20€
Vol 20/Ch 8 - Thermochemical Conversion of Forest Biomass22,20€
Vol 20/Ch 9 - Cellulose Derivatives22,20€


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