Volume 6 - Chemical Pulping part 2 - Recovery of Chemicals and Energy

Volume 6 
Chemical Pulping Part 2, Recovery of Chemicals and Energy

Edited by Panu Tikka

The book covers kraft pulp mill technology from fibre line spent liquor — black liquor — to the recovered active cooking chemical — white liquor — and energy in the form of steam and electricity. The modern “megaton”- scale technologies of evaporation, recovery and bark boilers, re-causticising, lime re-burning and tall oil by-products are described in detail and in a process technology textbook manner. Pulp mills’ role as a producer of renewable forest-based energy is significant and growing and this trend is also captured in this book.

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ISBN 978-952-5216-26-4
Updated Second Edition of  Chemical pulping part 2 (former part B) (2008)


BOOK - Vol 6, Chemical Pulping Part 2, Recovery of Chemicals and Energy
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