Volume 9 - Papermaking, Part 2 Drying

Volume 9 
Papermaking Part 2, Drying

Edited by Markku Karlsson

This book presents an overview of the design and operations of the drying section of a modern paper machine. The book covers drying of the paper web, runnability in the paper machine drying section, drying quality, drying automation and energy management in the drying section, as well as operations of important auxiliary systems, such as ventilation and heat recovery systems, steam and condensate systems and paper machine drives. In addition, new drying technologies have an important place in this book. This reflects the very significant research activity on new solutions to drying, which has already resulted in new drying technology such as impingement drying, and advanced drying modelling and simulations. These simulation methods enable better control of paper quality in the drying section.

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ISBN 978-952-5216-37-0
Published in 2010


BOOK - Vol 9. Papermaking, Part 2 Drying
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