PulPaper blogi: Experience the New Era of Pulp and Paper in Helsinki


Our stand at PulPaper 2018 to be held in Helsinki this May will be the perfect place to experience first-hand some of the trailblazing technological developments that are taking place at ANDRITZ as the industry enters a bright new era of growth.

We are delighted to invite you to our stand at the upcoming PulPaper exhibition and conference in Helsinki as the industry witnesses a new surge of optimism for the future. According to industry economists, graphic paper demand decline has now slowed, and a growth of 1-3% can now be expected across the industry, mostly driven by packaging, specialty papers and tissue – all areas of expertise from ANDRITZ. As and added feature this year, Dr Schönbeck, Member of the Executive Board at ANDRITZ, will be giving a special presentation on industry trends in the Future Square on the 29 May entitled, Pulp and Paper Industry in Transformation.

Of course growth in packaging and tissue also means more demand for pulp, another area of expert knowledge from ANDRITZ. In fact last year was a ground-breaking year in pulp installations for us as some of the largest projects we have ever been involved in started up or ramped up to full capacity – mostly in record time. You only have to read the names: Fibria Horizonte 2, Metsä Fibre Äänekoski and APP OKI to recognize that ANDRITZ is the major technology supplier globally to the very best and largest projects in the pulp industry.

However, it’s not just about size, crucially we are now supplying the most flexible equipment when it comes to pulp installations. For example, Metsä Fibre’s new bioproduct mill Äänekoski produces hardwood and softwood pulps in very short campaigns, resulting in the need for swift grade changes between pulps produced from different wood species.

Even more flexibility in pulp comes in the shape of our technological solution for producing dissolving pulp and kraft pulp on the same line. Our technology for prehydrolysis kraft cooking in a continuous digester allows a pulp mill to switch back to normal paper grade kraft pulp anytime according to market demand. This means the conversion from a paper grade kraft pulping system into the dissolving pulp system is not permanent and can be reversed.

Also at PulPaper, visitors will be able to see for themselves the results of the work we have been carrying out in the field of improving yield and energy efficiency using our A-Yield technology. We have proven that a 2-4% lower wood consumption can be achieved on softwoods and 1-2% on hardwoods can be achieved when A-Yield is utilized in the fiberline. We will also demonstrate how maximum savings can be made in chemical and energy use with our DD-Washers, pulp screening and bleaching technologies.

One of the major areas of R&D at ANDRITZ is work on providing technology for utilizing the side streams for creating bioproducts at pulp mills, for instance lignin, methanol and sulfuric acid as well as tall oil and turpentine. This is an exciting new area for the forest products as the race begins to replace everything that is made out of fossil fuels with ones made by renewables. Our experts will be on the stand at PulPaper to talk about these new, revolutionary products, including the latest on the announcement of our cooperation with Aalto University in Finland to commercialize Aaltocell, an exciting development that allows high capacity production of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) to take place in pulp mills.

Along with Dr Schönbeck’s presentation on industry trends which will take place in the Future Square on 29 May at 1 pm, there will also be a presentation by Gerhard Schiefer, ANDRITZ’s Vice President, Automation on the increasing importance of IIoT in the pulp and paper industry, entitled: Yesterday-Today-METRIS, Digitalization as a success factor in P&P. Mr Schiefer’s presentation will take place in the PulPaper Conference 31 May at 12:35 am.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on to Stand 6b50 at PulPaper 2018!


Johan Engström

Chief Technology Officer



Johan Engström, Chief Technology Officer ANDRITZ Oy