Volume 15 - Materials, Corrosion Prevention and Maintenance

Volume 15 Materials, Corrosion Prevention and Maintenance

Edited by Jari Aromaa and Anja Klarin

This book provides an overview of materials, environments, and their interaction. This interaction is corrosion. Methods of corrosion control, monitoring, maintenance, etc., provide a starting point for solving corrosion problems. This book is not a list of solutions to particular problems. Such a list would be impractical since the coverage would not be complete and current because materials and environments change constantly. The book also does not give detailed process descriptions. The reader should study relevant books in this series for such information. The examples given for corrosion forms, corrosive environments, and corrosion prevention are common in the pulp and paper industry.

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1. Edition (1999)
ISBN 952-5216-15-2



BOOK - Vol15, Materials, Corrosion Prevention and Maintenance
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