Volume 17 - Pulp and Paper Testing

Volume 17 
Pulp and Paper Testing

Edited by Jan-Erik Levlin and Liva Söderhjelm

Testing and analytical procedures are needed to describe the properties of

  • Single fibers
  • The fiber collective in the form of fiber suspensions
  • The fiber collective in the form of the final network – the paper.

Actually, a large number of more or less direct testing and analytical methods have already been developed. These are described in this book. Interactions between fibers, fillers, and other components are much more difficult to measure directly and to describe in numerical terms. Much research is being done in this area to further our understanding of the phenomena involved. In compiling this volume, some limitations were necessary. Thus the book deals only with laboratory tests.

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First edition (1999)
ISBN 952-5216-17-9


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Vol 17/Ch 1 - Aim of Pulp and Paper Testing10,70€
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Vol 17/Ch 3 - Papermaking Properties of Pulp10,70€
Vol 17/Ch 4 - Properties of Recycled Pulps10,70€
Vol 17/Ch 5 - Fluff Pulps10,70€
Vol 17/Ch 6 - Chemical Analysis of Pulps10,70€
Vol 17/Ch 7 - General Physical Properties of Paper and Board10,70€
Vol 17/Ch 8 - Optical Properties of Paper10,70€
Vol 17/Ch 9 - End-Use Properties of Printing Papers10,70€
Vol 17/Ch 10 - End-Use Properties of Packaging Papers and Boards10,70€
Vol 17/Ch 11 - Hygiene Papers10,70€
Vol 17/Ch 12 - Permanent Papers10,70€
Vol 17/Ch 13 - Reliability of Results in Physical Testing of Pulp and Paper10,70€
Vol 17/Ch 14 - Standardization in Pulp and Paper Testing10,70€

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