Puunjalostusinsinöörit ry (PI) 110 vuotta!


The Finnish Forest Products Engineers' Association (PI) celebrates its 110th anniversary this year.

The Association was founded by the initiative of engineers Stenbäck and Lampén on 12 April 1914 at the Helsinki Stock Exchange Building as a comradely club of professionals. A strong belief in the field and a passion for technology united the members even then. 

Since 1914, PI has been a dependable supporter and source of information for its members in the ever-changing environment of the forest industry.

Today, PI's extensive network connects over 2,600 professionals and around 50 corporate members, enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing. In honor of the anniversary year, we invited a group of our members to share their thoughts on PI and its significance in a video. Thank you to all our members who appeared in the video.

Watch the video HERE.

Let the journey towards the next decade begin!