Marcus Wallenberg Young Researchers’ Challenge 2019 - Candidates from Finland


Rubina Ajdary Sustainable 3D printing of lignocellulosics for biomedical applications Aalto University
Syed Farhan Hashmi Production of reactive lignin mix through catalytic solvolysis of organosolv lignin Aalto University
Rajesh Koppolu High-throughput processing of flexible functional devices Åbo Akademi University
Satu Kähkönen Effect of structural changes on energy efficiency of Finnish forest industry LUT University
Matti Lakkala Industrial log architecture in Finland – Perceptions and architectonic quality in the scope of tectonics University of Oulu
Markus Melin How boreal forests and wildlife cope under changing climate – practical examples from time-series data LUKE
Kaniz Moriam Functionalization of man-made cellulose fibers Aalto University
Robert Prinz Improving performance and energy efficiency of biomass supply through machine alteration and organisational redesign LUKE
Ville Rissanen Developing functional structures from nanocelluloses and photosynthetic microalgae for sustainable carbon capture and chemicals production VTT
Anna Tenhunen Sustainable circular materials
(Comparison of virgin and recycled sourced bio- and fossil-based materials in packaging applications)