Strategy 2020-2025


Together, we will create a wood-based future.

Purpose of our operation

We are an innovative network of forest industry professionals and companies and a modern developer of our members’ expertise. We contribute to making the field more attractive, and we are a valued partner in Finland and abroad. 

Strategic themes

  • Developing our members’ professional skills
  • Promoting a sense of community and networking
  • Improving the attractiveness of the field
  • Supporting and promoting innovations


Our cooperation with our members, different forest industry players and other stakeholders is good and mutually beneficial. We believe in the power of cooperation both inside PI (Forest Products Engineers) as well as with external partners. We share information openly and confidently, and with the help of partnerships, we try to become more influential on our way towards our strategic objectives.

We offer reliable information related to the development of professional skills in our events, publications and other activities. We are a reliable and desired partner for different kinds of projects in Finland and abroad. We serve our members accurately and responsibly creating confidence. We trust each other and our partners to achieve our common objectives.

We continuously want to renew ourselves, and at the same time, we want to contribute to the renewal of the forest industry. We look for new operating methods to serve our members. In addition, we strive to promote the renewal of the forest industry, and share new information and innovations concerning the field. We develop our own and our members’ professional skills according to modern standards.