PulPaper blog - Conscious consumption increases demand for wood-based products: The New Wood presents the most interesting wood-based solutions at PulPaper


Conscious consumption increases demand for wood-based products: The New Wood presents the most interesting wood-based solutions at PulPaper

The wide range of uses for wood is still unknown to many. The New Wood wants to tell decision-makers and influencers what kind of wood-based products and solutions are already on the market. The winner of the New Wood Product 2022 public vote will be awarded at PulPaper.

The mission of The New Wood is to inform that the world has changed, and that wood has been given new tasks. Wood lends its good qualities to a wide range of products, such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, raw materials for the food and cosmetics industry, textiles, design and interior design products, furniture, construction as well as for numerous packaging solutions used by the growing e-commerce business and consumer products as to replace fossil plastic use and thus improving the recycling grade of packaging materials. Takeaway dining, which has grown rapidly as a result of COVID-19, also benefits from new, easily recyclable packaging solutions. Wood-based solutions are also utilized in agricultural production.

Conscious consumption is a megatrend that is increasing the demand for wood-based products. Almost half of the Finnish people take sustainability of products into consideration in their daily purchases. Wood fibre-based packaging and products are perceived as natural, modern, safe and environmentally friendly. The new wood fibre-based plastic and composite materials are also perceived as interesting and modern alternatives to reduce one’s own everyday carbon footprint. Wood is perfect for both daily and festive occasions.

The New Wood project has arranged a social media vote 1 – 22 May 2022, where the general public has had the possibility to get acquainted with the latest wood-based products and solutions from our project companies. You can check out the candidates and vote for your favourite candidate at https://www.uusipuu.fi/yleisoaanestys-2022/The result of the vote will be published at the PulPaper event 7 June at 2.40-3.00 PM on the Future Square programme scene and the competitors are presented at the New Wood stand 7 – 9 June 2022. Welcome to the interesting world of wood!

The New Wood

The goal of the Uusi puu project is to increase general awareness of the wood-based bioeconomy; highlighting new and existing products and solutions, exploring their impact on society, and offering expert perspectives on the outlook for this innovative industry. Uusi puu provides information to influencers and political decision-makers about the significance and value of wood-based products. Our main funder is the Finnish Forest Foundation that funds activities which strengthen the forest livelihood.

Uusi puu member organisations

Jaakkoo-Taara – Jospak – JAMK University of Applied Sciences – MM Kotkamills – Metsä Group – Metsähallitus – The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners MTK – Forest Products Engineers – Paperiliitto – Paptic – Pyroll – Sulapac – Finnish Corrugated Board Association – Finnish Forest Foundation – Tampere University of Applied Sciences – Tampere University – VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland – UPM – Walki – Woodio – Äänekosken Kehitys


- Virpi Korhonen 
Project manager, projektipäällikkö, Uusi puu


Virpi Korhonen, Project Manager

Uusi puu