An efficient day at the PulPaper event!

I have worked as Mill Director for Stora Enso’s Heinola Fluting Mill for three years. Heinola Fluting Mill in southern Finland is an integrated pulp and board mill that produces high-quality semi-chemical fluting for the corrugated board industry. I have worked in the forest industry all my professional life and my educational background (M.Sc.) is from the University of Technology, which is now part of Aalto University in Helsinki.

I have had a variety of tasks over the years within the forest industry. One event has always been the apple of my eye. It is the trade show PulPaper, which brings together forest industry professionals every three years in Helsinki. It is a tradition in the forest industry to visit the PulPaper event to meet other professionals in the sector and hear the most up-to-date information on developments within the field.

Now, my role has taken on more dimensions, as I have been Chairman of the Board of the organising body of PulPaper, Finnish Forest Products Engineers’ Association, since last year. The association has an important role in organizing the event. We make sure that the event has an interesting programme and that it offers good networking opportunities for professionals in the field. It is important to be up to date with things and that is what I think we really are now!

At Heinola Mill, we feel that PulPaper offers important content – lectures and side events that provide new professional ideas. Sustainability and new innovations are important core issues for Stora Enso’s personnel. The multi-day event enables many to get acquainted with the event and schedule their visit according to their interests. We also want to offer students working in the industry as summer trainees the opportunity to visit the leading event in the field, and I encourage others to do the same. PulPaper offers programme especially for students. It is particularly important that young people have access to the event and networking there.

The world has changed a lot in three years and the Covid-19 period has had its share. Crises change the world and have redone many things. We think things through in an entirely new way and look at the world through different glasses. This brings additional interest in new solutions. There are now many new tools and means available to take advantage of in a rapidly changing world.

Now it is especially pleasing to meet face-to-face at events. Personally, I am going to tour the stands and follow programme that is of interest to me. I feel that I gain a lot of useful information and contacts from PulPaper, so spending time at the event is really worth it. I will definitely visit PulPaper, make the most of the event and enjoy every encounter.

Katja Metsäranta
Mill Director, Stora Enso Heinola Fluting Mill
Chairperson, Finnish Forest Products Engineers’ Association


Katja Metsäranta, Mill Director, Stora Enso Heinola Fluting Mill / Chairperson, Finnish Forest Products Engineers’ Association