Boost your research with a scholarship!


Are you doing research or are you a new entrepreneur in the field of bio forest industry? Get new boost from PI scholarships and apply by October 15, 2020.

Applications are now accepted for PI PostDoc scholarship and Research Grant. With its maximum amount of 50 000 euros, the purpose of PI PostDoc Scholarship is to support high level research work and development of professional competence in post doc research. Research grant, with maximum amount of 5 000 euros, is to encourage young engineers (M.Sc.) in research work or post graduate studies. (Please note, that the grant won’t be granted for the expenses of the public defence of a doctoral thesis but the thesis work itself.)

In addition to research work PI wants to support young entrepreneurs. Commencing Entrepreneurs Scholarship is meant for an entrepreneur, who has recently entered business in a line that serves the forest cluster.

Applications are accepted for the Valmet Mechanical Pulping Award also. This award is granted for an excellent thesis work.

More information from the scholarships page.