Changes in PI team


The emphasis of PI's new strategy and the end of the multi-year ForestBioFacts development project will bring changes to PI's team at the beginning of 2021.

Heli Kankare, M.Sc. (Eng.), has started as PI's new Development Manager on January 4, 2021. Heli's job description includes the development, sales and marketing of the new digital learning environment ForestBioFacts, as well as overall responsibility for PI's marketing and communications. Heli also works at PI as Deputy CEO.

ForestBioFacts' project organization was closed at the end of the year. Many thanks go to Johanna Vainiomäki, who for two years was in charge of e.g. curating and user testing the content of the learning environment, Samuli Koivu, who helped e.g. with content illustration and video material, Victoria Lindqvist, who assisted in curating the content, and Valtteri Soilampi, who helped with communication and marketing. Project Manager Susanna Lähdesmäki, who earlier has been responsible e.g. university relations, will continue finishing ForestBioFacts during the spring of 2021.

In line with its new strategy, PI will continue to invest even more in brand communications and youth services in our industry. Jenni Sievänen-Rahijärvi, the project manager who was successfully responsible for the implementation of the ForestBioFacts development project, will take over responsibility for youth-related services and attraction communication projects. Jenni also continues with some of ForestBioFacts’ assignments.

Katriina Valkeapää, Communications and Marketing Manager, who has been meritoriously responsible for communications and marketing at PI and ForestBioFacts, will be on family leave starting in January. Project Manager Natalia Musina will continue to be responsible for PI's member services and events.