Please answer the PI`s strategy survey!


Forest Products Engineers (PI) has again started a process to update the association’s vision, mission, values and strategic themes for the coming years. In November we started a five month journey, where we are aiming to gain foresight until 2030, identify focal change drivers impacting us in the long run, and finally, evaluate how PI should during the nearest five years develop its activities. The target is to finalise the strategy process by April and present the results at PI Spring Summit on 23.4.2020.

In the strategy work it is very focal to listen to the viewpoints of PI team, management and personal members, and utilise the versatile expertise what our network possess. Thus, we will provide all our members twice a possibility to comment and participate the process. In this first survey, the focus is on the possible future scenarios of PI and our bioforest industry, and especially their impact on our association. Later in February-March we will ask again your opinion regarding PI’s future direction and strategy actions.

We hope that the survey provides new aspects and awakes thoughts! It contains mainly open questions and it takes approximately 10-20 minutes to answer. All answers will be treated anonymously.

** At the end of the survey you can leave you contact information in order to participate the lottery, where you can win a free entrance to PI Spring Summit on 23 April 2020.

You can start the survey here: Strategy survey

The strategy survey is open until 13.1.2020.