Competence committee

The Competence Committee focuses on promoting matters related to training and education, on the program work related to the Association’s events, and on organizing activities that support young professionals.

The Comptetence Committee (previously the Future Forum), together with our training partner AEL, promotes the continuous education opportunities available for the members of the Association. The Committee also has regular contact with university representatives, generates ideas for the contents of the Association’s seminars and campaign events, and promotes the networking of young researchers, professionals, and entrepreneurs, along with other members.

Competence committee

Timo Jortama, chairman

Pirkko Liias

Jouni Matula

Pia Nilsson

Kari Räisänen

Keijo Salmenoja

Kati Tenhola

Katariina Torvinen

Antti Lindqvist

Susanna Lähdesmäki, secretary

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