ForestBioFacts webinar: Forest and other biomass resources - DL 5.9.

Welcome to ForestBioFacts webinar!

ForestBioFacts: Forest and other biomass resources proudly presented by Finnish Forest Products Engineers’ Association (PI), and scheduled for September 6th at 15:00 EET.

ForestBioFacts is a comprehensive digital learning environment with everything you need to know about forest-based products and technologies. We are presenting interesting developments around each of the 16 themes of ForestBioFacts.

Preliminary program: 

Thematic area 1: Forest and other biomass resources

    Forest resources and management
    Seppo Kellomäki, Professor emeritus, Silvicultural sciences, University of Eastern Finland

    Forest resources in Finland: needs and availability
    Antti Asikainen, Executive Vice President, Research, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Thematic area 2: Climate change, biodiversity and forest management

    Managing multiple risks in forests and forestry in Finland 
    Heli Peltola, Professor in Silvicultural Sciences, University of Eastern Finland

    Sustainability of forest resources and biodiversity globally and locally
Antti Marjokorpi, Head of Forests, Plantations and Land Use, Sustainability, Stora Enso


Webinar attendance is free of charge and available to all interested in ForestBioFacts, register by September 5th, 2022.

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Welcome to learn ForestBioFacts!

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6.9.2022 15:00 – 6.9.2022 16:30