Instructions for reporting

Requirement for receiving a PI's Scholarship or Award is to send a report within one year after the scholarship is paid.

Student Scholarships

The report can be based on the instructions for reporting a student exhange or traineeship given by your own university. In addition to that, please include a short description about the occupational gain you have achieved during the exchange studies/traineeship/other target for the scholarship and how it has advanced your studies.
(E.g. A description about the courses you have attended during your exchange studies.)


Research Scholarships and Awards

A short report about how the intended purpose of the scholarship has actualized and a description what occupational gain you have achieved with that purpose and how it has advanced your research work.
(E.g. When visiting a conference, please mention whether you have given an oral or poster presentation and attach a copy of a poster to your report. When finalizing your doctoral studies, please send a link (or a hard copy) of your doctoral thesis to PI.)