Commencing entrepreneur scholarship

The Commencing Entrepreneur Scholarship aims to support new entrepreneurs in the bioforest industry at the beginning of their career.

The Commencing Entrepreneur Scholarship is for entrepreneurs having recently entered business in a field serving the forest cluster. The Scholarship is granted at the Fall Meeting, and its amount is a maximum of 15 000 €. The Scholarship may also be divided among several applicants.

The application closes on October 15th.


Please provide the following appendices with your application:

  • The entrepreneur’s Curriculum Vitae or other statement of qualifications
  • Company presentation and business idea (format is free - written, slideshow, video*, etc.)
  • Trade Register extract of the company
  • Account of the company’s cash flow / revenue
  • Copy of the company’s financial statement (annual accounts)

* Please attach a link (or download link) for the video

PI:n stipendirekisteriseloste / PI's scholarships' register description and privacy policy 

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